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RiskCheck_ButtonFair Lending RiskCheck™ is a simple, online, self-guided compliance risk assessment. With Fair Lending RiskCheck™, you'll easily identify and mitigate risk.

Using questions and criteria from the Interagency Fair Lending Examination Guidelines, RiskCheck guides you through an understanding of your institution's risk. With Fair Lending RiskCheck™, you'll get:

  • Targeted Risk Identification: Identify specific areas of Fair Lending risk, and plan for minimizing them.
  • Answer Expertise: See answer guidance crafted by our experts.
  • Question Delegation: Send questions to team members who are better able to answer them.
  • One-Click Compliance Support: Use built-in tools to communicate with our team, and get the assistance you need.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Generate a comprehensive risk assessment report, and also recieve advice for next steps to take... and much more!

Minimize your exposure to Fair Lending violations with Fair Lending RiskCheck™! Simply submit the short form to the right to get an Info Kit - it's free, and there's no obligation.

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