Data Analysis for Fair Lending & HMDA Compliance

Know Your Numbers with TRUPOINT Analytics

TRUPOINT Analytics™ provides the analysis you need to mitigate regulatory compliance risk, and to effectively handle an examination. Understanding your data has never been easier. Leverage this powerful data analysis engine to take control of your compliance.

TRUPOINT Analytics™ is a cloud-based, comparative analysis and statistical reporting engine. Users can quickly and securely access institution-specific reports. With TRUPOINT Analytics, your reports are available in minutes - no software, installation, or training required. All reports, analyses, and reviews can be generated, viewed, and stored securely in your Vault for future retrieval and sharing with a click of a mouse. Download the TRUPOINT Analytics info sheet here.

We offer the following Analytics reporting suites: Fair Lending HMDA Suite, HMDA-Based Peer Analysis Suite,  Consumer Analysis Suite, and CRA Suite. For info about the CRA Suite, please visit our CRA Geo-Analysis page. For more information about Regression Analysis, please visit our Consulting page, or request a free Regression Analysis eBrief here. For information about our Fair Lending-specific solutions, click here.

With TRUPOINT Analytics, you won’t need to hire an auditor or fear a compliance exam. With the reports, you'll see:

  • Any potential lending disparities based on prohibited bases
  • How your loan pricing and terms will be viewed by examiners
  • Key compliance focal points and how to manage them, and so much more.

interior-analytics Fair Lending HMDA Suite

This suite of Fair Lending-HMDA reports is based on your institution's HMDA data, and any proprietary data that you upload. These reports will:

  • Review application flow to prohibited basis groups and majority/minority census tracts
  • Analyze decisioning disparites such as denial rates, withdrawal rates, approved-but-not-accepted rates, and incomplete rates
  • Evaluate pricing disparities, including factors such as rate spread, APR, product steering, and inventional versus government sponsored loans
  • Review redlining rates to LMI (low to moderate income census tracts)

Know your numbers and reduce your risk with our Fair Lending HMDA Reporting Suite. For information about our other Fair Lending products, please click here.

Peer Analysis Suite

This suite of Fair Lending-HMDA reports is based on publicly available HMDA Benchmarking (Peer Analysis) data. These reports will:

  • Evaluate how your institution compares to peer institutions based on key factors (i.e. decisioning or pricing disparities)
  • Review your loan data versus national benchmarks to interpret your performance
  • Show what peer institutions are doing differently
  • Review collection of government monitoring information (GMI) in relation to peers

Consumer Analysis Suite

Fair Lending is more than just HMDA. This suite of reports analyzes borrower data using the complete loan portfolio. Mirroring the process performed by Fair Lending examiners, these reports will:

  • Statistically append surrogates for gender, ethnicity, or race to target potential discrimination
  • Review for pricing disparities by product type and consumer type
  • Analyze patterns in auto, consumer-secured, consumer-unsecured, commercial, agricultural, and real estate lending

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