Know Your Fair Lending, CFPB, and UDAAP Compliance Risk

Manage your risk with our online, self-guided compliance risk assessment tools.

Trupoint RiskcheckTRUPOINT RiskCheck is a family of easy-to-use, web-based and self-guided compliance risk assessment tools that will guide you through an evaluation of your institution’s regulatory compliance. We offer three TRUPOINT RiskCheck products: Fair Lending RiskCheck, CFPB Compliance RiskCheck, and soon, UDAAP RiskCheck. 

All of our RiskCheck products are tailored to key legislations and policies, and are designed to identify regulatory compliance risk and focal points, and offer recommendations. Expert tips and answers are built in, so you never feel lost. Priced to fit any budget, TRUPOINT RiskCheck makes compliance officers' jobs easier.

Fair Lending RiskCheck

Using questions and criteria from the Interagency Fair Lending Examination Guidelines, TRUPOINT Fair Lending RiskCheck allows even a novice compliance professional to feel like an expert at Fair Lending. Features include:

  • Expert Answer Help
  • Identification of Fair Lending “Blind Spots”
  • Question Delegation
  • One-Click Compliance Support
  • Risk Ratings
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • And Much More

Minimize your exposure to Fair Lending violations with Fair Lending RiskCheck!

CFPB Compliance RiskCheck

ISGN and TRUPOINT Partners have partnered to provide a new CFPB Compliance RiskCheck (CCRC) to help you comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's compliance policies. For more information, visit the ISGN website.

Coming Soon: UDAAP RiskCheck

We will soon be releasing the UDAAP RiskCheck. To get on the list to recieve the earliest information, click here.

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