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A Quick Guide to the CFPB's Supervisory Highlights Report

March 22, 2016

Posted by Andy Barksdale

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Supervisory Highlights report provides valuable insight into what they're seeing in their compliance supervision activities. Here, we'll provide a summary of the report in an effort to understand the regulatory direction, and share 5 hints for how to manage the new ECOA baseline exam that is being employed.

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CFPB Interprets Statute of Limitations & Other Stories Every Compliance Officer Needs to Read

February 04, 2016

Posted by Kinsey Sullivan

In recent months, we've been keeping an eye on a few developing compliance stories. Here are some that could have the most impact on 2016 compliance.  

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CFPB’s 10th UDAAP Consent Order Provides 3 Key Lessons

July 30, 2015

Posted by Kinsey Sullivan

On July 21, the CFPB ordered Citibank to pay $700 million to consumers for UDAAP violations related to illegal credit card actions. Here are some of the UDAAP tripwires highlighted by this enforcement action. 

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Topics: Compliance, CFPB, Bank Compliance, OCC, UDAAP, UDAAP compliance

4 Emerging Compliance Themes Identified at Day 1 of the ABA RCC

June 15, 2015

Posted by Andy Barksdale

At the first day of the ABA's Regulatory Compliance Conference in D.C., we noticed a few recurring compliance themes. Here are those four themes, and what they might mean for you.

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Topics: fair lending, American Bankers Association, UDAAP, Compliance Risk Assessment, UDAAP compliance, Discretion Risk, Fair Banking

5 Hot Compliance Topics to Explore at the Upcoming Compliance Conference

June 09, 2015

Posted by Andy Barksdale

This weekend, several TRUPOINT Partners’ team members are headed to Washington DC for the ABA’s Regulatory Compliance Conference. From UDAAP to TRID, here are some of the hot topics we're looking forward to discussing. 

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Topics: fair lending, fair lending assessment, HMDA Plus, American Bankers Association, UDAAP, AML Compliance

What We Learned about UDAAP & RESPA from Recent Settlements

March 24, 2015

Posted by Andy Barksdale

Settlements provide valuable guidance and insights into regulatory perspectives. We encourage financial institutions to review settlements for important regulatory compliance guidance, and to see the signals that regulators are broadcasting. Recent settlements should shape your perspective on compliance, including marketing endorsements and disclosure materials.

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Topics: fair lending, CFPB, UDAAP, Regulatory Compliance News, RESPA

CFPB 2015 Supervisory Highlights: A Practical Summary

March 17, 2015

Posted by Andy Barksdale

The CFPB recently released their semi-annual Supervisory Highlights. The Winter 2015 edition highlights supervisory observations focused on fair lending, mortgage origination, consumer reporting, debt collections, and several other things. Below, we share our insights.

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Topics: fair lending, CFPB, Bank Compliance, UDAAP, Mortgage Servicing Rule, Debt Collection, Mortgage Origination

3 Simple Tips to Manage UDAAP Compliance Risk

August 21, 2014

Posted by Trey Sullivan

In recent months, UDAAP has garnered attention as a regulatory focal point. Regulators are watching very closely for Fair Lending and UDAAP violations, and the cost of noncompliance is high. Recent high-profile UDAAP settlements underscore the importance of compliance. Do you know your risk?

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Topics: fair lending, UDAAP, Dodd-Frank Act, Risk Assessment, compliance risk management

7 Key Fair Lending & UDAAP Reminders from the CFPB

July 17, 2014

Posted by Andy Barksdale

The recent GE Capital Retail Bank enforcement action highlights both Fair Lending and UDAAP compliance issues, and provides key compliance reminders. Read more >>

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Topics: fair lending, Compliance, CFPB, Fair Lending Enforcement, Bank Compliance, UDAAP, Credit Card Compliance

April Compliance News by the Numbers: 7 Important Stats

April 24, 2014

Posted by Kinsey Sullivan

This month has brought some interesting industry news. We’ve pulled together a list of 7 articles that we found particularly compelling. Some of the articles are hard news, and others put the challenges we all face as compliance professionals in an interesting light.  

As a company whose focus is loan data, analysis and statistics, we've organized the news by the numbers. It makes sense to us, we hope it does to you, too.  

Without further ado... Compliance News By The Numbers.

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Topics: fair lending, community bank compliance, CFPB, Bank Compliance, Federal Reserve, UDAAP, Compliance Exam, Regulatory Compliance News

4 Classes of Problems - CFPB Focuses on Discrimination & Fair Lending

March 05, 2013

Posted by Andy Barksdale

The Consumer Advisory Board to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is responsible for identifying the “impact of emerging products, practices or services on consumers and other market participants.”  At the February board meeting, Richard Cordray, Director of the CFPB, presented the Bureau’s areas of focus for the future. 

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Topics: Fair Lending Analysis, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ECOA, Bank Compliance, Disparate Impact, UDAAP

5 Areas of Compliance Officer Stress - Can You Relate?

August 14, 2012

Posted by Andy Barksdale

Last week, we spent an afternoon in Columbia with a group of South Carolina Compliance Officers.  We reviewed an assortment of regulatory compliance issues with an inevitable deep dive on Fair Lending.  In case you are wondering about the wall art in the pictures below, the meeting was held at the Grecian Gardens Restaurant where it is reported that the homemade Greek pizza is to die for. 

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Topics: CRA, HMDA, fair lending, community bank compliance, compliance officer, regulatory compliance, risk based assessment, HMDA Plus, banking compliance, UDAAP

3 Revelations from 2012 ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference

June 18, 2012

Posted by Andy Barksdale

The ABA’s 26th annual Regulatory Compliance Conference brought together almost 1,500 regulators, compliance focused bankers and product partners from throughout the country.  While the Central Florida thunderstorms boomed outside, inside there was a powerful whirlwind of industry observations, guidance and reunions.  Below are three quick observations from the conference that used the "Survive the Regulatory Storm" as the conference's headline.

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Topics: fair lending, Compliance, Compliance Culture, Bank Compliance, Fair Lending Risk Assessment, fair lending risk review, American Bankers Association, UDAAP, Compliance Costs, Regulatory Compliance Conference

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