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Optimize Your Bank or Credit Union's Branch Network to Improve Profitability, Reduce Risk, and Encourage Growth

Get a strategy and supporting tactics to make the most efficient use of each branch and channel in your network.

This sophisticated software platform bundles time-tested expertise with powerful Business Intelligence (BI) software, so that you get the most profitable branch network for years to come. Design your branch network for growth with TRUPOINT's Branch Network Optimization. 

If you’re like many financial institutions, your network of branches, ATMs, and other delivery channels is a tremendous investment. In addition, the location of the branches and ATMs fundamentally impacts how compliance examiners will evaluate your Fair Lending, CRA, and Redlining performance. Branch Network Optimization will help your bank or credit union grow while staying compliant.

Whether you're adding locations, closing others, or simply looking to relocate, Branch Network Optimization can ensure that you have the best branch strategy for the years to come.

Build a more profitable - and compliant - branch network with Branch Network Optimization.

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Branch Network Optimization is a good fit for you if:

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