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Get Answers to 7 FAQs about the CFPB's Public Consumer Complaints Database!

Get this free eBrief, 7 FAQs about the CFPB's consumer complaints database and learn the answers to your most common questions.

Learn the answers to 7 common questions about the CFPB's complaint database.

In 2015, the CFPB announced a public complaint database that includes consumer narratives. There are lots of questions about how the database works, and how to respond to complaints. This short eBrief will answer some of your questions. You'll learn:

  1. 7-FAQs-CFPB-Complaint-DatabaseHow a complaint is defined, and how it's different from an inquiry;
  2. How you'll know if there's a CFPB complaint about your organization;
  3. How long you have to respond to complaints;
  4. What products the CFPB will accept complaints about;
  5. How the CFPB decides which complaints to publish; 
  6. What data is shared publically; 
  7. How companies can respond to those complaints; and much more!
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Get Answers to 7 FAQs about the Complaint Database!