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Take Your CRA Compliance from Analysis to Action!

In this webinar, you'll learn how to turn your CRA analysis into real action. Get the slides today!

Check out these slides from our recent CRA webinar to learn how to leverage your CRA analysis into real risk-mitigating action.

Between CRA modernization and added CRA scrutiny, there is a lot that is up in the air. Don’t stress! We’ll show you what you can do today to put yourself in a better position when changes eventually happen or an exam is on the way.

You'll learn what to do if you identify risks in your data, too!

In this webinar, you'll learn a little about the basics of CRA and a lot about how to use your analysis to really reduce your risk.

  • cra-webinarSetting the Stage for CRA
  • How to Go from Analysis to Action
    • Key Data Points to Consider
    • How to Conduct That Analysis
    • What To Do If You Find Risks
    • Geo-Analysis
  • Q&A w/ CRA Expert, Michael Peresta

Get the CRA Webinar Slides!