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Learn More about Fair Lending Risk Assessments

Find out which kind of Fair Lending risk assessment is right for your institution!

Regulators recommend that all institutions assess their compliance risk at least annually. Talk to a consultant today!

Our Fair Lending risk assessments are designed to identify the Fair Lending compliance risks associated with your institution’s unique products, services and practices. Some of the risks reviewed are:

  • Overt Indicators of Discrimination (Written or Oral),
  • Disparate Treatment in Underwriting (Denial Disparities) and Marketing,
  • Pricing Risk (Rates, Fees or Points),
  • Steering Risk (Products and Features), and
  • Discriminatory Redlining. 
We offer two types of Fair Lending risk assessments: self-paced and consultant-led. Talk to a consultant today to learn which type is right for you!
>> Contact us today! See how a risk assessment can help you improve your Fair Lending compliance.


Learn More about Risk Assessments