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Learn More about Remote, Consultant-Led Fair Lending Risk Reviews!

TRUPOINT RiskCheck is a consultant-led, remote risk review designed for smaller banks and institutions. Get a free product sheet today!

TRUPOINT RiskCheck™ is a consultant-led Fair Lending risk review solution built (and priced) for smaller banks and credit unions. 

This remote, consultant led risk review solution is designed to help you quickly and easily identify gaps in your Fair Lending compliance risk management. With TRUPOINT's Fair Lending RiskCheck™, you'll get:

  • CONSULTING EXPERTISE: With TRUPOINT RiskCheck™, you get access to compliance expertise. Learn together and get ideas for reducing your compliance risk exposure.
  • CLEAR ACTION ITEMSThe unique design facilitates efforts to improve your compliance program with our action items and other risk management features.
  • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDSTRUPOINT RiskCheck™ is the best of both worlds: technology software and consulting services. You get the unique efficiencies of software combined with the personalized guidance of a consulting service.
  • A BUDGET-FRIENDLY SOLUTIONOne of the main benefits of TRUPOINT RiskCheck™ is its pricing. It fits the budgets, complexity, and needs of smaller institutions.
>> Fair Lending RiskCheck™ is priced to fit any institution's budget, not matter how large or small. Submit the form to get a free product sheet immediately!


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