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Simplify risk management with ERM, Vendor Management, and BCP from Ncontracts.

Stay prepared, protected, and positioned for opportunities. Learn more about how Ncontracts + TRUPOINT can help.

TRUPOINT has joined forces with Ncontracts, a leading provider of risk and vendor management software and services. Looking to simplify risk management?

ncontractsJoin the more than 1,250 financial institutions that trust TRUPOINT Partners and Ncontracts when it comes to compliance and risk.

Each Ncontracts product, from Vendor Management and Enterprise Risk Management to Business Continuity Planning, comes with seamless integration, unlimited training, professional support, and an industry-leading quality guarantee from the Ncontracts team of legal professionals. 

Keep reading for an overview of all six Ncontracts products:

  • Nvendor: Nvendor is a complete vendor management solution. It helps you manage the impact of third-party risk. Ncontracts' systematic approach uncovers opportunities to reduce internal costs, decrease external costs, and most importantly, to discern and alleviate your risk.
  • Nrisk: With the provided libraries of thousands of risks and controls, Nrisk enables your to measure risk on everything from one neighborhood location’s social media page to the payroll vendor that your entire institution uses.
  • Ncontinuity: Ncontinuity is the flexible, user-focused business continuity planning (BCP) solution. Start from scratch or refine an existing plan and be assured of business continuity resiliency throughout your institution.
  • Ncyber: Ncyber offers the FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool in a secure, easy-to-navigate format that enables different departments to easily cross-reference the data needed for a seamless, accurate assessment.
  • Nfindings: Don’t wait for regulators to tell you what your organization is doing wrong. Make it right beforehand! Take the lead in findings management and pass your next exam with flying colors.
  • Ncontracts Manager: Our contract management software is designed to eradicate the errors and unknowns that lead to higher risk in your contracts.

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