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Free Redlining Compliance Software Product Sheet!

Get specific details about how easy identifying and reducing your redlining compliance risk can be with TRUPOINT's Redlining Analytics!

Understand your Redlining compliance risk with TRUPOINT's Redlining Analytics.This revolutionary redlining software uses interactive maps, filtering and charts to show your real risk exposure, and how to manage it.

Redlining remains a top priority for regulators, and many financial institutions are bracing for increased scrutiny. However, if you're not analyzing your data for Redlining risk, it's impossible to be truly prepared.

Meet the Redlining software that's changing the industry and reducing compliance risk. There's no software to install, and no core integration. Simply provide your data, and we do the rest.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Redlining Analytics

  • Identify your risk in key areas of Redlining compliance.
  • Compare your performance to peers benchmarks.
  • Analyze for disparities in your lending data application rate and more.
  • Guided report reviews with a compliance analyst to understand the story your data tells.
  • Advanced filtering and controls of your analysis.
  • Interactive mapping and geocoding to help you visualize your risk.
  • How to prepare for regulator questions about your Redlining.
  • 100% success guaranteed. If you aren't happy, you won't pay, no questions asked.

... and that's just a small selection of the features and benefits.

If you'd like to experience the industry-leading Redlining software, download your free product sheet today!

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