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Regulatory Compliance Risk Assessments and Consulting

Trust a team of certified compliance consultants to help you identify your risk with Fair Lending, BSA/AML, and UDAAP risk assessments.

Experience how compliance consulting from the experts at TRUPOINT will help you identify, monitor and mitigate your risk.

Every financial institution is unique, and has specific questions, concerns, and considerations when it comes to managing compliance risk. To accommodate those needs, we offer a wide range of risk-related services that can be customized to fit your business.

Our team of CRCM- and CAMS-certified compliance experts have worked with hundreds of institutions on reducing risk exposure and improving compliance. Hundreds of institutions nationwide trust TRUPOINT to help manage Fair Lending, CRA, HMDA, BSA/AML and UDAAP compliance risk.

We offer two primary types of compliance risk assessments:

Onsite Risk Assessments

If you're looking for a personalized, in-depth approach to risk management, an onsite risk assessment is probably a good fit for you.

We specialize in Fair Lending, HMDA, BSA/AML, and UDAAP risk services, and will customize the scope to fit your needs.

Unlike some consultants you may have worked with in the past, we will approach risk management as if we're on your team. We'll be working with you to highlight risk and help you reduce it. 

For larger institutions, institutions looking for an industry-specific review, or institutions looking to investigate a particular area of risk, a consultant-led risk assessment may be the best option.

Online Fair Lending Risk Snapshots

Identify your compliance risk on your time, at your pace with TRUPOINT RiskCheck™.

Led by a compliance consultant, this online, remote Fair Lending risk review will help you identify your risk. During a series of hour-long calls with key individuals, a consultant will ask a series of questions about your Fair Lending compliance program.

At the end of the calls, you'll get an actionable snapshot of your risk, accompanied with best practice guidance and advice.

TRUPOINT Fair Lending RiskCheck is a great option for institutions with a smaller compliance budget, relatively low Fair Lending compliance risk exposure, or as a check-up between more in-depth risk assessments.

Speak to An Expert about Compliance Risk Assessments!

For help managing your Fair Lending, HMDA, BSA/AML or UDAAP compliance risk, get in touch today!