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Today’s financial institutions face a unique set of challenges. The good news? TRUPOINT Partners provides data-driven insights you need to achieve your compliance and growth goals.

  • Compliance Analytics: We analyze your data to deliver the most helpful, insightful, and accurate results about your compliance risk. Your reports will be presented by an experienced analyst to guide you through the results and answer any questions.
  • Regression Analysis: Regression Analysis is a powerful tool for Fair Lending compliance, and can help identify whether race, gender, ethnicity and other prohibited basis factored into the decision to make or price a loan.
  • Compliance Consulting: TRUPOINT also provides customized consulting, whether you need off-site compliance officers, institution-specific training, or in-depth strategy guidance.
  • Branch Strategy Solutions: Being successful in today’s financial landscape is about much more than just reducing risk; it’s also about improving profitability and preparing for future success. That’s why we offer a selection of Branch Strategy solutions designed to help your financial institution grow - all while considering your compliance.
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