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TRUPOINT Partners Releases Next-Generation Fair Lending Analysis for Consumer Loans

With its new capabilities, TRUPOINT Analytics can give financial institutions Fair Lending insight into their consumer loan products and practices in minutes.

TRUPOINT_Analytics CHARLOTTE, NC; April 10, 2012 (PRWEB) – TRUPOINT Partners has developed a way to help financial institutions easily determine if their consumer-loan products and services are complying with critical fair-lending regulations.

The Charlotte-based data-analytics firm created a series of proprietary algorithms to help banks look for interest-rate or contract-term disparities in their consumer-loan portfolios. These new analysis reports further augment an already extensive library of more than 60 fair-lending and peer-analysis reports.

“This is the next generation of fair-lending review,” said Trey Sullivan, president and CEO of TRUPOINT Partners. “Financial institutions simply provide us their consumer-loan data files, which are then quickly analyzed in our TRUPOINT Analytics system for disparities among consumer-loan applicants, based on gender or ethnicity.”

TRUPOINT Partners links consumer-loan data to the latest census information to create reports showing the geographic distribution of all consumer-loan products. This helps compliance officers see the numbers of consumer loans made in high-minority census tracts so they can adjust their strategies to better serve those communities and avoid redlining risks.

“Fair-lending requirements are not just for HMDA filers,” Sullivan said, referring to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. “Consumer-loan data is trickier to analyze than HMDA data, which creates a problem for banks that want to ensure they are in compliance. Many financial institutions review the files one-by-one, which is a time-consuming process that is not consistently accurate. With our new capabilities, we can give financial institutions fair-lending insights into their consumer-loan products and practices in minutes. There’s no software to buy or install, no complex training or tools, and no detailed integration. We make it easy.”

TRUPOINT Partners’ newest reports include a detailed analysis of all product types by rate and contract term. Gender, ethnicity and location codes are appended to all loan records prior to analysis. These reports enable institutions that are not required to report home mortgage data to perform self analysis for fair lending compliance.


About TRUPOINT Partners


TRUPOINT Partners provides regulatory compliance solutions to financial institutions nationwide through an innovative blend of big data analytics, compliance expertise, and client service. TRUPOINT specializes in Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA, and UDAAP compliance, and also offer M&A due diligence, regression analyses, branch network optimization, and more.

TRUPOINT Analytics™ and TRUPOINT RiskCheck™ are cloud-based software tools that enable lenders to assess compliance risk and determine their lending performance for Fair Lending, UDAAP, CRA and other key consumer lending regulations.  TRUPOINT combines the efficient use of these tools and expert professional consulting services to provide lenders with uniquely effective and efficient compliance solutions. For more information about the company, its products, and services offered, please visit http://www.trupointpartners.com or contact us today

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