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TRUPOINT Partners Releases Fair Lending RiskCheck Today

Financial institutions can reduce Fair Lending risk with this cloud-based compliance risk assessment.

CHARLOTTE, NC; Aug. 21, 2013 – Today TRUPOINT Partners, a financial services regulatory compliance company, released Fair Lending RiskCheck™, a web-based, self-guided Fair Lending Risk Assessment solution for financial institutions.

Created to help banks and mortgage institutions, Fair Lending RiskCheck™ evaluates an institution’s compliance program around eight areas of risk as defined by the Interagency and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Examination guidelines. Fair Lending RiskCheck™ is a comprehensive, self-paced, risk assessment tool that leads the user through a review of everything from policies to performance, identifying those practices that may need to be strengthened to reduce compliance risk.

“Complying with complex regulations and constant change is cumbersome, and failure to comply exposes reporting institutions to hefty fines and penalties,” says Trey Sullivan, president and CEO of TRUPOINT Partners. “We created Fair Lending RiskCheck™ to simplify the self assessment process by helping lenders identify potential risk and deliver a road map to best practices.”

Key features of Fair Lending RiskCheck™, include:

  • Expert Answers - Provides “best practice” responses, drafted by compliance experts, to simplify the process and ensure users are not at a loss for words
  • Delegate - Enables users to direct select questions to others within the institution who can better address them
  • One-Click Consulting - Lets users ask questions to TRUPOINT’s Fair Lending compliance experts during their self-assessment at no additional cost

In addition to lowering risk for financial institutions, Fair Lending RiskCheck™ will improve an institution’s knowledge and management of compliance. Additional features include activity logs, task lists, document management, and comprehensive reporting all serve to simplify Fair Lending compliance.

Fair Lending RiskCheck™ is part of the RiskCheck Family™ of products, and the first in a series of self-guided risk assessment tools designed to help simplify compliance management. To learn more, please call 704-401-1730 or email info@trupointpartners.com.


About TRUPOINT Partners


TRUPOINT Partners provides regulatory compliance solutions to financial institutions nationwide through an innovative blend of big data analytics, compliance expertise, and client service. TRUPOINT specializes in Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA, and UDAAP compliance, and also offer M&A due diligence, regression analyses, branch network optimization, and more.

TRUPOINT Analytics™ and TRUPOINT RiskCheck™ are cloud-based software tools that enable lenders to assess compliance risk and determine their lending performance for Fair Lending, UDAAP, CRA and other key consumer lending regulations. TRUPOINT Partners combines the efficient use of these tools and expert professional consulting services to provide lenders with uniquely effective and efficient compliance solutions. For more information about the company, its products, and services offered, please visit http://www.trupointpartners.com or contact us today.

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