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More than 400 clients trust our Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA, BSA / AML and UDAAP compliance solutions. See why today!

  • CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) Reporting Geo-Analysis for exams, audits, and risk management.
  • Fair Lending HMDA, Peer Analysis, Consumer Analysis, and CRA Compliance Analysis and Reporting
  • Consulting Risk Review, Audit, and Due Diligence for compliance with HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act), Fair Lending and more.
  • Regression Analysis for Fair Lending compliance and risk management
  • Online Fair Lending, UDAAP, CFPB Compliance Risk Assessment


Online Compliance Risk Assessments
TRUPOINT RiskCheck™ is a self-guided, online risk assessment tool that helps you identify and understand your Fair Lending, UDAAP and CFPB compliance risk, in less time and at lower cost than any other method. Take the first step to managing your regulatory compliance risk today with TRUPOINT RiskCheck. 


Fair Lending Data Analysis
Understand your institution’s  data in minutes with TRUPOINT Analytics, a cloud-hosted, on-demand data analysis report engine. There's no installation, no training, and no headaches. See why compliance pros nationwide rely on TRUPOINT Analytics for their regulatory compliance analysis and reporting


Compliance Consulting & Services
Our TRUPOINT Consulting team of regulatory compliance experts can help with Fair Lending compliance review, audit, training, and exam prep. We can also assist with M&A Due Diligence, branch network optimization, and more. For a tailored approach, talk to a TRUPOINT Consulting pro today


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