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We provide fair lending compliance solutions for mortgage, auto lending, community banking, credit unions, and more. Simply submit the form at right for your free consultation, and to learn about what steps to take. Here are some of our popular fair lending solutions:
  • Fair Lending Risk Assessments: We provide onsite, remote and online risk assessments that fit within your needs and budget.

  • Fair Lending & HMDA Data Analysis: In this data-centric regulatory environment, you need to understand what your data says about you. TRUPOINT Analytics™ will provide the insight you need. 

  • Fair Lending Compliance Consulting: Our consulting services include Risk Assessments, Regression Analysis, Program & Policy Review, Training, Audits, Due Diligence, and more.

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Fair Lending RiskCheck™ is an online, self-guided compliance risk assessment. Features include:

  • Expert Answer Help
  • Question Delegation
  • One-Click Compliance Support
  • Risk Ratings, and much more!

Fair Lending RiskCheck is a member of the TRUPOINT RiskCheck family of online, self-guided compliance risk assessments.


With this Fair Lending HMDA Suite of Reports, Fair Lending data analysis has never been easier. The reports will:

  • Assess application flow
  • Analyze disparites
  • Review redlining, and more!

The Fair Lending HMDA Reporting Suite is a TRUPOINT Analytics Suite of analysis and reports.


Lean on our Fair Lending Compliance Consulting experts. Our consulting services are available either on-site with your financial institution or remotely.

Services include Regression Analysis, Program & Policy Review, Training, and more. 

The TRUPOINT Consulting team has more than 50 combined years of compliance expertise.