Fair Lending Compliance Tools

Risk Assessments, Data Analysis and Reporting, and Consulting for all your Fair Lending compliance needs.


TRUPOINT Partners offers a variety of solutions to help you effective manage your Fair Lending compliance. Our Fair Lending tools are listed below. Want to learn more about any of the tools listed below? Contact us here or using the form below. We're ready to help you achieve your compliance goals when you are. 

Fair Lending RiskCheck - Fair Lending Risk Assessment

RiskCheck_ButtonUsing questions and criteria from the Interagency Fair Lending Examination Guidelines, TRUPOINT Partners' Fair Lending RiskCheck allows even a novice compliance professional to feel like an expert at Fair Lending. Fair Lending RiskCheck is an online, self-guided compliance risk assessment.

Identify your Fair Lending risk and compliance weaknesses on your time and at your pace with Fair Lending RiskCheck. Features include:

  • Expert Answer Help
  • Identification of Fair Lending “Blind Spots”
  • Question Delegation
  • One-Click Compliance Support
  • Risk Ratings
  • Comprehensive Reporting, and much more!

Minimize your exposure to Fair Lending violations with Fair Lending RiskCheck.

Fair Lending RiskCheck is a member of the TRUPOINT RiskCheck family of online, self-guided compliance risk assessments.

Fair Lending HMDA Reporting Suite - Loan Data Analysis and Reporting


With TRUPOINT Analytics' Fair Lending HMDA Reporting Suite, understanding the story your loan data tells is easier than ever. Using comparative and statistical analysis, you'll identify potential Fair Lending risk and learn how to manage it.

This suite of Fair Lending-HMDA reports is based on your institution's HMDA data, and any proprietary data that you upload. These reports will:

  • Review application flow to prohibited basis groups and majority/minority census tracts
  • Analyze decisioning disparites such as denial rates, withdrawal rates, approved-but-not-accepted rates, and incomplete rates
  • Evaluate pricing disparities, including factors such as rate spread, APR, product steering, and inventional versus government sponsored loans
  • Review redlining rates to LMI (low to moderate income census tracts), and more!

The Fair Lending HMDA Reporting Suite is a TRUPOINT Analytics Suite of analysis and reports.

Fair Lending Consulting - Personalized Fair Lending Compliance Guidance

Consulting_ButtonTRUPOINT Partners' Fair Lending Consulting helps you manage your Fair Lending compliance with our expert perspective. Our consulting services are available either on-site with your financial institution or remotely.

Our team of experts  understand the challenges you face, and are able to help you navigate today’s complex and volatile regulatory environment. Consulting services include Regression Analysis, Program Analysis, Training, Due Dilligence, and more. 

The TRUPOINT Consulting team has more than 50 combined years of compliance expertise, and is ready to help you achieve your compliance goals!

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