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Better Regulatory Compliance Solutions are Our Business, Building True Partnerships are Our Passion.

Get to know TRUPOINT and learn how you can achieve your compliance and growth goals.

TRUPOINT Partners exists to solve the compliance and growth challenges faced by financial institutions nationwide.


As a bank, mortgage company, credit union or auto lender, regulatory compliance can be a challenge. When you're responsible for your organization's compliance, the stakes are high and the analytics complex. Compliance software helps make the analysis easier, but sophisticated features alone aren't enough. You need certainty, support, and assurance, in addition to insight-rich reports.

TRUPOINT was founded in 2009 to carry out a big vision: to empower lenders to thrive in a difficult regulatory environment. Today, we're making that vision a reality by combining personalized guidance with sophisticated technology.

This customer-focused approach has earned TRUPOINT the trust of more than 500 financial institutions across the country. From market-leading Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA and Redlining analysis software to custom branch network optimization, we're here to help you improve your compliance program and support growth. Find out more!

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