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TRUPOINT Partners' Values, Vision, & Promise to You

Learn what makes TRUPOINT tick, and more about our commitment to you, the customer.

At TRUPOINT, our mission is to partner with financial institutions and provide data-driven insights that mitigate compliance risk and encourage growth.

TRUPOINT Partners helps you understand the story your data tells. Trey Sullivan founded TRUPOINT in 2009 to help financial institutions meet compliance challenges and grow in an increasingly regulated landscape. We do that by listening to your needs, and then building insightful software and consulting solutions that fit your financial institution. We believe that we don’t succeed until you do.

Our Corporate Values

Be a Partner

This is the most essential philosophy that TRUPOINT holds dear. We're more than a vendor - we're your partner. As our CEO, Trey Sullivan, says "if we take care of you, the customer, everything else takes care of itself."

Deliver Data-Driven Insights

We leverage your data efficiently through sophisticated analysis and expertise. With these data-driven insights, you'll get the clear answers you need to comply and grow.

Listen, Build, & Listen Again

From our product development to our TRUPOINT Customer Success team, our process is always to listen to you, build a solution, and listen again to ensure that we're providing real value.

Grow Together

We will keep abreast of industry news, trends, updates, to help you learn and do your job better. Your unique experience and partnership helps us grow, too. 

The True Partner Promise

We promise to be a true partner to you and your team. That means:

  • Leveraging your data to provide clarity and guidance about your performance and risk.
  • Actively listening and collaborating to build innovative products and services that respond to your real needs.
  • Constantly learning and sharing that knowledge with you so that you get better at your job and we grow as a company.

If we do keep these promises, all we ask is that you’ll tell a friend or a colleague about us!


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