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Improve Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA & Redlining Compliance with TRUPOINT Analytics

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TRUPOINT Analytics is One Powerful Compliance Software with Flexible Subscriptions

Experience the Fair Lending, HMDA, CRA & Redlining Analysis Trusted by 500+ Financial Institutions:


HMDA Analytics

Quickly analyze your mortgage loans for any disparities that may indicate Fair Lending risk with HMDA software from TRUPOINT!

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CRA Analytics

CRA Analytics

See interactive maps and analysis of your Community Reinvestment Act data and understand your compliance risk using this CRA software!

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Non-HMDA Analytics

Non-HMDA Analytics

Easily identify your Fair Lending risk exposure for non-HMDA loans, like consumer, commercial, small business, student and small farm lending!

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Redlining Analytics

Redlining Analytics

Leverage redlining analysis software to identify and manage your risk! Use easy-to-read maps, filtering and charts to learn how to manage it.

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HMDA and CRA Transmittal

Easily submit your HMDA and/or CRA LAR to the federal regulators! Upload, review, perform edit checks, and format your data with transmittal software. 

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With every subscription, you get guided report reviews, unlimited support and a dedicated Customer Success team!

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"I think of your company as an extension of our compliance department. Everyone I work with at TRUPOINT is so knowledgeable and helpful."

Michelle Misere, CRCM, Compliance Officer
BankSouth Mortgage

"TRUPOINT has been instrumental in the enhancement of our compliance division.  Because of the increased levels of federal Fair Lending scrutiny, it has been comforting to know that I can rely on TRUPOINT's expertise for statistical analysis, AND their ability to speak to me directly regarding the results.”

Robin Campbell, In-House Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

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