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See How Fair Lending Analysis Helps to Quickly Reduce Your Compliance Risk!

Identify your Fair Lending risk in non-HMDA lending, and see how easy it is to analyze your auto, agricultural, small business, student and credit card lending for compliance risk.

Fair Lending compliance applies to all types of lending, not just HMDA loans. Learn how Fair Lending analysis of your consumer, commercial, and agricultural lending can reduce your risk!

With TRUPOINT Analytics™ for Non-HMDA Fair Lending, see what your data actually says about you! Each report is accompanied by a guided interpretation led by one of our compliance consultants - no installation necessary.

Here are some of the incredible new features:

  • Peer & Benchmark Analysis
  • Matched Pairs (Comparative File Review)
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Management-Ready Reports
  • Data Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Focal Point Discovery
  • Clear Data Visualizations

...and so much more! 

About TRUPOINT Analytics

TRUPOINT Analytics is one compliance software with multiple subscriptions, each geared toward a unique area of compliance. They include Fair Lending - HMDA Analytics, Fair Lending - Non-HMDA Analytics, Redlining AnalyticsCRA Analytics. To learn more about one or all four, please get in touch using the form below.

Start getting actionable insights into your compliance risk exposure.

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