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Regulatory Compliance Training for Fair Lending, CRA, UDAAP, BSA/AML & More!

General & Role-Specific Compliance Training Designed Just for You.

Compliance training is an essential aspect of any compliance program. Get training that is engaging, informative and customized just for you. 

The Problem? Many compliance training tools make you pay for more than you need.

Our Solution: Compliance training that is customized for your institution's team and priorities.

TRUPOINT offers Fair Lending, CRA, BSA/AML, and UDAAP compliance training. We also provide four different styles of training, each with a unique goal and delivery method:

  1. Custom General or Role-Specific Training: We'll develop custom training modules that blend regulatory compliance overviews and best practices with your institution's policies and procedures. Your team can then deliver the training as you see fit.

  2. In-Person Employee Training: One of TRUPOINT's compliance experts will visit to your institution and deliver in-person training to employees. We offer a combination of general and role-specific training for this option.

  3. Senior Management and Board Training: We will develop and deliver in-person training to the senior management and/or the Board of Directors that is appropriate for their unique compliance responsibilities.

  4. Custom Webinars: TRUPOINTwill develop content and deliver it in an interactive format that allows your team to attend live training sessions from the comfort of their desks. Webinar attendees will receive a free certificate of completion.

If you use an LMS (Learning Management System), we can work with you to create content that can be uploaded directly to your platform.

Strengthen Your Compliance Training and Reduce Your Risk.

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